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Why Food Tastes Weird After Brushing Your Teeth

September 26, 2016

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If you have ever tried eating or drinking something right after you brush your teeth, you know what it’s like. Everything tastes terrible!
That is why most people prefer to eat breakfast before they brush their teeth.  But why is it that it tastes bad?
The truth is, there’s one ingredient that’s to blame for this. It’s called sodium laureth sulfate, and also goes by SLS, which stands for sodium lauryl sulfate and SLES, which is sodium lauryl ether sulfate.
This is what ruins the taste of your food or drink, based on the kind of toothpaste you’re using.

  • The chemicals are called surfactants – these are wetting agents which lower liquid’s surface tension.  They’re put into the toothpaste so that foam is created and the paste is a lot easier to spread in your mouth.

Effect on your taste buds

Did you ever wonder why your favorite foods taste so good? Well, you can thank your taste buds for letting you appreciate the saltiness of pretzels and the sweetness of ice cream.
Even though surfactants will make brushing teeth much easier, they’re doing a lot more than making that foam. Both SLS and SLES create a chemical change in a couple of ways.
First they cause problems with the taste buds which perceive the sweetness in foods and drinks.  They also break up our tongue’s phospholipids. These are the fatty molecules that inhibit the bitterness receptors.
These inhibitors usually are what make bitter foods taste less bitter. But when they’ve been broken down, any bitter flavors are enhanced.
This is why anything you are eating and drinking after brushing isn’t as sweet and is a lot more bitter. 


If you want to end these problems, you can look for toothpaste that is free of SLS and SLES.  You aren’t going to get the foam that you are used to, but you also will have better tasting food and drinks.

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