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5 Ways Drinking Water Keeps You & Your Smile Healthy in COVID-19

May 18, 2020

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Healthy woman drinks water as recommended by her Naples dentistWhen you think about the best ways to keep your smile healthy, staying hydrated probably isn’t the first activity that comes to mind. Even so, drinking plenty of water throughout the day is just as important for the health of your teeth and gums as a regular dental routine! In fact, staying hydrated plays a key role in nearly every aspect of your wellbeing! Your Naples dentist shares five reasons why you should be drinking plenty of water every day, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1.) Strengthens Your Teeth

Did you know that most tap water contains fluoride, the same mineral used in toothpastes and specialized mouthwashes? Fluoride can be absorbed into the enamel, where it combines with calcium to create fluorapatite. This material is extremely durable, resists cavities, and can even reverse early stages of tooth decay. The last thing you need while in quarantine is a cavity or cracked tooth, so keep your teeth strong by drinking plenty of fluoridated water.

2.) Cleans Out Your Mouth

Nothing is as refreshing as drinking a glass of water. While other beverages like juice, sports drinks, or coffee can help clear away lingering food particles in your mouth, they all leave behind a sticky residue themselves. To truly clean your palate, teeth, gums, and tongue of the lingering food particles and the bacteria that feed on them, sip on plain water throughout the day.

3.) Reduces Your Risk of Cavities

Not only does regularly drinking water leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed, but it also lowers your risk of cavities as well. Staying hydrated encourages saliva production, which acts as your body’s natural mouthwash. Throughout the day, it rinses away food particles, hinders the accumulation of plaque, dilutes acid, and strengthens the enamel.

4.) Boosts Your Immune System

Staying hydrated cleans out much more than just your mouth. It helps your entire body get rid of harmful particles and prevent toxin buildup. It also helps keep the kidneys functioning properly, which plays an important part in filtering out and eliminating those toxins. When your immune system isn’t concerned with combating various harmful particles throughout your body, more energy can be put towards fighting off other issues like viruses.

5.) Helps You Think More Clearly

Since blood is mostly water, staying hydrated improves circulation. This means that toxins are removed more quickly and oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the body’s cells more efficiently. In the brain, it also promotes better connectivity and function. In fact, recent studies have found that staying hydrated improves concentration, cognition, mood, memory, and relaxation.

Water is important to every part of your body- including your smile! Now more than ever, its essential that we keep ourselves healthy and hydrated.

About the Author

Our talented team at Island Coast Dentistry is dedicated to helping the smiles of Naples, FL stay happy and healthy for a lifetime. Dr. Jeffrey Skupny stays up to date with the latest dental technology and techniques in order to ensure every appointment is as enjoyable as possible. He and his team have always exceeded the sanitation standards set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you need to come in for dental care during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can rest assured that you’re walking into a clean and germ-free environment. To learn more about their Commitment to Safety, feel free to contact them via their website or at (239) 261-5566.

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