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Preventive Dentistry for Naples Residents

Stopping Cavities, Gum Disease, & More

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Routine preventive care forms the foundation of our practice, because by coming to see us regularly before problems begin, we can often stop them from developing in the first place! Periodic appointments also give Dr. Skupny the chance to catch and treat small issues before they can become serious headaches down the line. We recommend coming to see us at least every six months to keep your smile happy and whole, so if it’s time for your next visit, be sure to contact us today.

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  • Focused on Finding Causes Not Treating Symptoms

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Your First Visit

When a patient comes to see us for the first time, our goal is simple: to get to know them as a person as well as understand the current state of their oral health. This is why Dr. Skupny takes time at the beginning of the appointment to understand his patients needs. After taking photographs, X-rays, and performing a thorough oral exam, he’ll go over his findings with a patient and discuss any additional treatments they might need.

Checkups & Cleanings

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A checkup, also known as an oral exam, is the first step for Dr. Skupny to get to know his patient’s unique oral health needs. During the exam, he will check the health of your teeth, gums and jaw. Using his observations, he can start to come up with a patient’s personalized treatment plan. When combined with a hygiene appointment, our hygienist can remove any plaque and tartar built up on the gums, assuring your smile looks great and is protected from cavities.

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Nightguards for Bruxism

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Nighttime teeth grinding, which is a condition known as bruxism, is a very common response to daily stress that can wreak havoc on the smile over time. It often leads to broken teeth, chronic headaches, and even a strained jaw. To address it, we can recommend that a patient wear what is called a nightguard to bed. This is a small, custom-made oral appliance that fits comfortably over the teeth and places a barrier between them to prevent any damaging contact.

Oral Cancer Screening

Woman receiving oral cancer screening

Early detection is the key to treating and surviving oral cancer, which is why Dr. Skupny performs a full oral cancer screening as part of every checkup. He looks at a patient’s lips, gums, tongue, cheeks, throat, neck, and face for any signs of the disease, and if he spots them, he can guide a patient to get the follow-up care they need. It only takes a few minutes, but it can literally save someone’s life.

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Fluoride Treatment

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For decades, fluoride has been added to toothpaste and public water sources because it has been clinically proven to prevent cavities and tooth decay in people of all ages. If we believe that a patient would benefit from a little extra fluoride protection, we can provide a quick and easy treatment at every checkup. We’ll simply apply a highly-concentrated fluoride solution to the teeth for a few minutes, and that’s it! It’s quick, painless, and it’s a great way to keep the teeth strong between appointments.

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Digital X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays

We use X-rays every day to help us diagnose dental issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye, and to make this tool faster and safer than ever, we’ve gone completely digital. Compared to traditional film-based X-rays, digital X-rays are lightning fast and emit up to 80% less radiation. It’s also easy for us to display them on a nearby monitor and manipulate the image so you can go over and better understand them with Dr. Skupny.

Learn About Digital X-Rays

Intraoral Camera

Patient receiving intraoral photos

Looking at your teeth and gums has never been easier! With this small, pen-sized device, we can get a closer look at your mouth than ever before, capturing high-resolution images that we can display on a chairside monitor. They will enable our team to spot minor issues even sooner, plus you’ll literally gain a whole new perspective on your dental health, helping you better understand what your dentist is talking about.

Cavity Detection System

Dentist and patient looking at cavity detection software

Finding and treating tooth decay as quickly as possible is one of the most important things we do every day, and thanks to our cavity detection system, we’re better at it than ever. This instrument scans the enamel using a beam of light that can find even the smallest indications of decay, and with this knowledge, we’re able to stop many cavities before they ever develop, helping patients preserve much more of their natural teeth over time.